Payment is prior to stay (online bookings) or on arrival when the booking is made by phone, e mail or in person, and will be for the full length of the stay booked.
We do not accept cheques, but cash and all major credit cards.


0-2 days- No refund
2-3 days- 50% refund
3+ days- full refund


Check in is between 13:00 - 20:00, check out 07:00 - 10:00.
All guests must provide an approximate time of arrival on booking, and any change to this must be advised , if no contact is received then this will be taken as cancellation of the booking.


Parking is available on site, with considerate guest parking, 1 space per room is available, although spaces cannot be guaranteed or reserved. Note vehicles are left at owners risk Landguard House cannot be held liable for damage or theft.
There are parking restrictions in Landguard Road itself between 20:00 and 06:00, but adjoining streets have no restrictions.
Vehicles not removed following a period of stay will be removed without notice to the driver/owner and at their sole cost.


Guests are provided with a front door key and a key to their room. An administrative charge of £20 will be made in the event of key being lost. Please ensure keys are returned on departure, keys not handed in will be treated as having been lost.


We do permit food to be consumed in rooms, at our discretion, this is subject to guests using cutlery, plates and trays provided., and this can be removed without prior notice at any time. Any excessive staining will be charged at a minimum of £50 to cover cost of extra washing.


In the event that you or those staying with you for whom you are responsible, cause damage to any part of the building, your room or any facilities serving either, you will be charged the full cost of repair and making good or replacement as required. We strongly recommend that you advise us as soon as reasonably possible since this will enable us to discuss with you how best to resolve the difficulty.
We have a strict no smoking policy. Persons wishing to smoke may do so outside the building in the designated location. Any persons found to be smoking on the premises will be fined £50, plus a cost for any damages to be levied according to damage incurred, they will be asked to vacate the room and there will be no entitlement to refund/ compensation.


Landguard House has a strict NO SMOKING POLICY in all areas of the house. Persons wishing to smoke must do so in the area designated outside. Any persons found to be smoking on the premises will be asked to vacate the premises immediately, a charge will be made for any extra cleaning / damage to room required and there will be no entitlement to a refund.


No pets are permitted in Landguard House.


We are committed to your safety. Fire alarms and smoke detectors are clearly marked, and in the case of fire, please sound the alarm and use the nearest fire exit. All persons exiting the building should assemble at the front of the house. Tampering with any safety feature will be treated as a fundamental breach of these terms and conditions entitling us to request you vacate your room and without any compensation from us

All persons staying at Landguard House shall be required to register, providing full name and address. Under no circumstances may rooms be occupied by more than the number of persons who we have agreed to accept as permitted to occupy the particular room. For reasons of safety, security and insurance, the only persons permitted to occupy a room are those whose names we have accepted as part of the booking. Subject thereto, no other third party guests, relatives or friends may share the facilities provided.


We reserve the right to request that you vacate your room without entitlement to compensation and immediately in the event that either we or other guests reasonably complain of your behaviour or that of those staying with you or for whom you are responsible e.g.: excessive noise when others are trying to sleep.


Children are welcome but we would ask you to note the following:

We expect the parents / guardians to be responsible for the supervision of their children at all times and to ensure they are not permitted to disturb in anyway any other guests within the house.


We respect your privacy. You are not obliged to advise us of any disability you may have, but it may make your stay more pleasant if you do advise us at the time of booking. Please read our ACCESS STATEMENT.


These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and each party agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts with regard to any claim or matter arising in connection with the same.

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